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Welcome to Wilde Agriculture

Agricultural Services to the farming community in Cumbria, NW England, SW Scotland and the Isle of Man

We aim to help you increase yields and productivity and increase your profitability as a result.

Farm Tractor

Wilde Agriculture Ltd was formed in 1995 and is based in North West Cumbria and operates throughout the North West of England, South West Scotland and the Isle of Man.


We offer feeding and agronomic advice to livestock farmers allied to the most effective retail products available to increase the level of production and profitability on our clients farms.


The scale of our operations allows us to negotiate significant discounts with our suppliers for all the major feeding and agronomy inputs on a livestock farm, the resulting lower costs of production and advisory service combine to give significant increases in farm profits.

Traditionally livestock on farms have been fed what has been available at the time, Wilde Agriculture looks at feeding cows a different way.


We start by deciding with our clients a set of aims and objectives for the farm before any crops are planted. Once the aims have been established then a cropping plan can be decided on. When the crops are successfully harvested the ration can then be formulated and the balance of purchased feeds decided to suit the aims of the business.


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For more information on our agricultural services, please contact us on 016973 44643.